“Die Mobilés” have totally mastered body language.

With “BeWeGung” we whisk the audience away on a fantastic journey through the world of human existence.

In the “BeWeGung” stage performance we use the sensational movement qualities of the ensemble for extremely subtle entertainment. We have total command of the alphabet of body language. Thanks to our refined acrobatic perfection, the performance is a non-verbal firework display that has won awards for its uniqueness. The original choreography makes logical use of bodily and musical communication, so the whole performance also works very well internationally. Because the comments of the hidden off-stage speaker can be made in any conceivable language. Harald Fuß and Stefan Südkamp’s direction has succeeded once again in enriching the genre with astonishing new elements.

With this production we offer dynamic movement theatre that makes use of imaginative and effective images and demonstrates total mastery of the body. We also describe it as an explosive mixture of body comedy and physical theatre. The subjects dealt with are everything that affects people between the moment they learn to walk until they draw their last breath, big philosophical issues and little everyday trivia. We stimulate both the laughing muscles and the grey cells in equal measure with the aid of slapstick, hair-raising acrobatics, drama, pantomime and lively dance scenes. Or to put it very briefly: “BeWeGung” is an unforgettable experience. This was also the conclusion of the jury of the “Tuttlinger Krähe” cabaret prize which awarded us the special prize in 2010. Here is an extract from their commendation: “You produce a programme that moves the audience although it stays seated and speechless itself. You put on a feast for all the senses for your astonished audience. That is magnificent. That is art. That deserves a prize.”


2010 special prize awarded by the Tuttlinger Krähe jury

    • “Frivolous, intelligent, dynamic and brilliant – [...] “die Mobilés” captured the audience with a brilliant and highly intelligent movement show.”

      - WAZ Wolfsburg -

    • “The Mobilés from Cologne present non-verbal communication at the highest level.”

      - Pforzheimer Zeitung -

    • “[...] what the five performers on the stage conjured up was extraordinary. [...] No-one could resist the magnetism of their stage presence.”

      - Kölner Stadtanzeiger Hennef -

    • “The incorruptible X-ray vision of human behaviour, the perfect feel for music and timing and performers who have control of their bodies down to the remotest particles of muscle – that is the Mobilés formula for success.”

      - Pforzheimer Zeitung -

    • “A brilliant spectacle with freeze-frame, slow motion and time lapse elements in which the play of words, sound and music with the lighting control ensure virtually the last clever touch.”

      - Südwest Presse Igersheim -

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